Bitumen and Asphalt

Oxidized Asphalt:

PUB-LTD is oxidized asphalt manufacturer and multi face company based on Iran. In addition, We are structured into focused on oxidization of Bitumen division to serve the different needs of our customers worldwide. In addition, we are providing Blown Asphalt (Oxidized Asphalt_Blown Bitumen_Oxidized Bitumen_oxidized)in various grades including Oxidized BITUMEN 115/15 blown asphalt 95/25 oxidised asphalt 85/40 , bitumen 90/15 oxidized bitumen 90/40 bitumen 85/25 bitumen 75/25 pure petroleum bitumen 150/5 Hard asphalt or Hard bitumen and any other all grades of Oxidized Bitumen according to order.


Blown bitumen grades:

Blown bitumen grades (115/15 90/40 90/10 90/15 85/25 105/30 150/5 75/25) have wide range of usages. It uses in where there is expected minimum amount of moving in the joint. Their wide temperature range prevents bleeding in high temperature. It can also apply in industrial like roofing, flooring, mastic, pipe coatings, electrical usages.

Uses of oxidized bitumen:

Used for protection of under ground concrete,bridges,culverts,retaining walls,tanks surroundings,dams,conduits and decks.
Also apply in built up water-proofing system.
As a MOP coat for damp proofing.
Excellent bond and adhesive.
Raw material of mastic,primer and enamel.
Oxidized asphalt, type R 115/15 has good resistance for vertiocal and sloped surfaces under direct of sunlight in the temprature exceeding more than 50C.
Also it`s raw material to produce of water proofing stuff.

Oxidized Asphalt is as crack filler of asphalt:

Oxidized bitumen using as crack sealer depend on road and standard also depend on climate and minimum and maximum temprature of day and night.Oxidized bitumen has very high viscosity and after preparation of the crack and clean the cracked area using directly the oxidized asphalt and very soon will get dry and stick to the asphalt. It uses as rubberized property and preparing some elasticity to the roads.

How to mix natural asphalt in asphalt?

An Asphalt composition consisting essentially of 100 parts by weight of a petroleum asphalt from about 1 to about 10 parts by weight of a natural asphalt from about 1 to about 10 parts by weight of a thinning reactive oil comprising at least about a 60 percent unsaturated fatty acid content having from about 14 to 24 carbon atoms, and from about 1 to about 10 parts by weight of an elastomer.